Thursday, April 29, 2010

He's Hooked

Jackson got up at 4:30 AM last Saturday to go fishing with our neighbor. He caught the biggest fish of the day. He was very excited and had a great time. We had a fish fry Saturday night. It was sooo good!

Here is my redneck girl. I am fighting it, I really am! It is going to be a long uphill battle. She has really been saying alot of words lately. She calls for Levi all of the time. She can say cup, shoe, swing, outside, Gus, momma, daddy, etc. She is 16 months...keep in mind that Levi didn't say any of those things until he was 3!

Backyard Fun

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather. Many days I bring out a blanket and sprawl out in the shade while the kids play.

Caleb is always hollering for me to push him HIGH!

I love this picture. Levi is always trying to pick Sarah up and "help" her do things. It drives her crazy. She will let a horrible scream fly to let him know to keep his distance!

This is for Mimi...look who has decided she is a big girl and can climb up the ladder by herself! Doesn't this look so safe? She actually is pretty good at it. There is that moment at the top where she teeters before making it safely to the landing that makes me nervous.

Christian hasn't seen her do this or I would have been lectured about it already:)

Levi is trying to help her down the slide.

This is Elliot. He belongs to my friend Stephanie. I have been watching him on Wednesdays for her during the month of April. Easy kid...he just stares at the boys as if he is trying to figure out what the heck is going on around here! Stephanie says that he jibbers the entire way home after he leaves our house. I think that he is telling her all of the trouble that the Wahl boys get into!
I had a diaper emergency yesterday and had to run to Publix with all 6 of them. Someone asked if ALL of those kids were mine. I said, "No, no...that one isn't." The lady then replied that he was the only one that looked like me...ha!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Sick!

Caleb said today, "Mom, I've been in my pajamas all day!" So have I. Morning sickness is NO JOKE. It also lasts all day. Hope to feel better soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was outside enjoying the sunshine with the little kids today. Jackson and Aaron ran outside to inform me that there was a SNAKE in the laundry room! I ran upstairs and peaked around the back of the washer to see about 3 inches of a tail.

I called Christian, who of course acted like I was over reacting. He came in a few minutes to remove the critter. He said that he can't be sure it's not poisonous....WHAT?

**Blog update...after much research (Google), I have determined that the snake must be a rat snake. I read that they are great climbers and this poor guy probably fell from a tree or climbed up our brick house and entered the window that I had opened on Monday morning for a short while. That means that joker has been in my house for 3 DAYS!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Levi

I just had to post a few of Levi's recent episodes before I forgot them. Warning...not for those with a weak stomach!
At Anna Grace's birthday dinner, he announced to everyone that one time he ate a blood blister. Nice...
At the church picnic this afternoon, Levi picked up a bug and Christian asked him jokingly if he was going to eat it. He popped it in his mouth and started chewing it! He had some of it on his lip while Christian was lecturing him and telling him that you don't eat bugs! Who has to be told that?
Tonight, Christian was cleaning fish in the driveway with our neighbor. I looked over and saw Levi holding a fish and trying to dig out its eye. I yelled for him to stop trying to pull that fish's eye out and he said that he wasn't pulling it out...he was pushing it in. Oh, much better!
I have come to the conclusion that the inevitable has happened. I am a redneck. I married one and he has slowly but surely worn me down. Tonight, I sat in my driveway, barefoot and pregnant, watching my husband clean fish on the tailgate of his truck. I had a nice smudge on my shirt from the apple empanada I ate from our meal at Taco Bell. Meanwhile, 2 of my 5 (soon to be 6) kids were bathing in the feed trough that we turned into a bathtub outside. I found myself yelling, "Levi, don't put those fish in that've got to BATHE in there" and "Levi, get that scooter out of the bathtub, I don't care if the wheel is have to BATHE in that water!"

Here We Go Again

We are expecting again! I seriously wanted to just put a period there, but then felt like it wouldn't sound like I was really excited. I am really excited, right? I'm getting there. It doesn't help when your "morning" sickness lasts all day:(
I suspected that I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. I finally went and bought a test at Walmart...with 5 children. The greeter looked at me with the "big eyes" and said, "You sure do have your hands full!" I felt like yelling at her, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA!"
The test screamed positive as soon as I took it. I am ashamed to admit how I reacted. I cried. Alot. Then I prayed a whole lot of selfish prayers. I didn't want to tell Christian because I didn't want to overwhelm him. I kept the secret for 4 very long days.
During that time, I knew that I was being ridiculous. This isn't's a baby. The bible says that children are a blessing and a reward from the Lord. I am so glad that a dear friend found out by default and was able to encourage me. She shared with me Psalm 139, a chapter that she has been memorizing and had been especially sweet to her in her father's recent passing. The verse that stood out like it was in neon lights was verse 16. "All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be." How could I be anxious or afraid? This blessing was ordained by God before I was even born!
I told Christian, and of course he was great about it. He hated that I labored over telling him and said that if God wanted to bring another being into this world, who are we to question that? He also said that he hoped I liked passenger vans! He was very encouraging and I actually regret not telling him earlier.
So, we are looking at a December 1st due date. I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I'm pretty sure that she will confirm this. I'm just hoping to make it through the next 6 weeks or so without losing my mind! Morning sickness is no joke!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

After having 4 boys, a little girl in the house has been a little bit different. It is so much more fun to dress her in the morning. Sometimes she wears a dress around the house, because....well, I have looked at holey blue jeans for sweet forever. I love it when I get her dressed and then she puts her hand on her hair and says "bow".

Unfortunately, this is how her hair bows end up. She loves to play in the dirt like her brothers. Monkey see, monkey do?

On a not entirely separate note...this, my friends, is why I give up. I clean, I sweep, I wipe down walls and cabinets. And then, I find this......

Dear Lord,

Please let there be no dirty walls in heaven.