Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miss Attitude

These pictures do not do "the look" justice, but this makes me laugh!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hickory Hill

We had the best time at a field trip in Edgefield this week. Hickory Hill is a family run dairy farm and the Dorn family graciously let us come to see how they milk the cows and bottle their milk to sell at places like Earth Fare. We had a great turnout!

The family owns 650 acres that have been in the family since the 1760s. They also lease other property to grow some of the feed that they feed the cows. They originally sold timber and grew other crops, but started the dairy business in the 1950s.

We went to see the calves. Some were just a few days old. Sixty days before the cows have their babies, they are brought into a shady pen and get to just eat and sleep and relax until the birth....that's what I'm talkin' about!

Let's just say that the sights and smells of agriculture were all around. My friend Kim, who is due one day before me, was loving the smells as much as me. I just kept saying, "Breathe through your mouth!"

A funny side note, Kim and Christian went to the prom together in high school. How funny is that!

This is where they milk the cows. So high tech. Everything is computerized. It was also sooo clean. He has the cleanest dairy in the state!

Mr. Dorn showing us what the cows eat.

This is where the bottling process happens. He explained to us all about pasteurization and homogenization. I think some of the parents enjoyed this part more than the kids.

And finally, tasting the chocolate milk. Delicious!

After a "picnic" lunch in the hunting lodge, we bought some milk and were on our way. It was a fun day!

I Eat Mama

Christian brought home pizzas for dinner. He dropped them on the table and went back to unloading his truck. I heard Sarah saying, "I eat mama. I eat mama." I kept calling back to her that we would eat in a minute.

Apparantley, she couldn't wait!

She pulled out half of a pizza on the table and then ate all of the pepperonis off of the top.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Once's Levi!

I always have things to report about Levi these days. He cracks me up!

Yesterday, Christian said, "Levi, do you know where Caleb is?"

Levi responded, "No. All I know is that he's a jackass!"
Apparantley, Pinnochio has some inappropriate language in it:) Remember the Pleasure Island part? Levi was paying close attention!

I'm OLD...according to my kids!

Today at lunch, this is what I heard:

Jackson: "WOW! This nickel is from 1991! It's OLD!"

Aaron: "What? You mean it's not from the 2000s? That was like when they had the red coats and stuff!" (FYI, a reference to the American Revolution:)

Me: "I was 14 years old in 1991."

Aaron (looking at me in disbelief): "Mom, you are OLD!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well Taken Care Of

I've been feeling pretty rotten. Morning sickness brings out the WORST in me. I have been well taken care of by friends and family. I have had a few friends bring food over...thanks Jeni, Denesha, and Michelle! My mother-in-law has brought her cleaning lady over once a week to clean and do laundry. I also had my sweet neighbor Cathy take me for a pedicure...her treat! Anna Grace and my friend Beth have taken the kids off to do fun things. I will have to say that my mom and grandmother are the ones that have really kept me from going crazy. They have cooked dinners and done laundry. They have cleaned up my house and gotten the kids ready for bed. Christian has been very busy with the new church building, so alot of nights I have been on my own. I'm so grateful to everyone that has helped out. I have been asked how I'm going to take care of 6 kids. I can taker care of 6 kids, no problem. I just can't take care of 5 and feel like this!! Once this phase passes, it will be business as usual...routines, school work, discipline, cooking, cleaning, etc. For now, we are in survival mode!