Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Where are the lazy days of summer? We have been so busy! Just wanted to post a few random pictures.

Sarah is into everything lately. She loves to get into my makeup bag. She can take the top off of just about anything.

She loves books and always wants to "ree book". I found her sitting in the baby swing looking at a book the other morning.

She also loves to "play" the piano. I hope to start the boys on some lessons soon. Hopefully, someone in the family will love the piano and have some talent!

The Martin boys have been around some this summer. We had an awesome rain storm last week with no thunder. They ran laps and laps around the cul de sac in it.

Tonight, there was a "baseball" game going on. They were using an old piece of wood that fell off of our deck for a bat. Christian wrapped the end in duct tape where they held it. Since VaVa's motor home is parked out front, they wisely chose a tennis ball. Can't you just see a baseball going through one of those windows?

Poor Sarah! She was in the way of the game so I confined her to the "tub". She looks so sad...she wanted to play!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I love summer nights when we eat dinner and then head outside if it is not too hot. My kids love to eat watermelon. We try to eat it outside and then jump in the "hot tub". For those of you who don't know...our hot tub is a black trough from Tractor Supply. It is where the kids take their baths during the summer so that my tubs aren't black.

Sarah had on a cute dress, but I didn't want to stain it with watermelon juice, so she just sported some panties, crocs, and a hair bow:)

Levi REALLY likes watermelon!

Just as we were finishing up, the neighbors sprinklers came on...perfect timing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The boys were watching "Lady and the Tramp". The tramp calls Lady "pidge", short for pidgeon. Aaron asked me what he was calling her and before I could answer, Caleb blurted out "bitch"! I was laughing so hard that I couldn't say anything and he got really emabarrassed kept saying over and over "it's bitch mommy, bitch!"