Friday, July 30, 2010

I Am Blessed

Today, we went to McDonald's for lunch. I noticed a few "looks" when we walked in...I'm getting used to it. When we are out, there are always a handful of people that just stare at me, mentally tallying the number of children that I have. Of course, being pregnant just compounds things:) I herded the kids to a booth and left them while I ordered. When I arrived with the food, a man next to us asked me if they were all my kids. "Here we go", I thought to myself. Then, to my surprise, he began telling me how blessed I was and what a joy my kids were going to be to me later in life. He encouraged me to discipline now and raise them right and it would be "awesome" later. I thanked him and made a joke about the cost of feeding them (I had 6 double cheeseburgers, 4 regular cheeseburgers, 3 fries, and whole bunch of ice waters on the tray). He said not to worry and that the Lord would provide:) How very sweet! I am blessed....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Update

I cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by! We are supposed to start school the first week in August. I want to be able to take the entire month of December off when the baby comes. Speaking of's a girl! We are thinking that we will name her Rebekah Anne. On my way home from my appointment after find out we were adding a girl to the family, I was already thinking of the name Rebekah. Right in front of me at an intersection was a Meybohm sign with Rebecca Wall as the agent. I think it was a sign!

The blueberry bushes at the office produced some yummy blueberries this year. We are going to try and transplant them to our house. They are sooo good! Sarah ate so many that she got a rash all over her:)
This is how we spent July 4th. Mom and dad came over and we went to the pool for the afternoon. We had barbacue for dinner and then the boys and Christian put on our own little fireworks show in the cul de sac. It is the first year that our back neighbor didn't call the police on us! Christian went to the pond and caught some bull frogs for Levi to play with. He had a blast! He chased them all around the yard.
My neighbor was pretending like the frog was talking to Levi. He thought that was hilarious!