Tuesday, September 28, 2010

After Nap

I heard Sara rustling around in her room after her nap, so I snuck upstairs to see if she indeed stayed in her bed when she woke up. Um, no....

She finally saw me and looked at me like, "what?"

I made her get back in her bed for a minute and told her that she wasn't supposed to get up until mommy came to get her.

This is a funny game that she likes to play with Aaron.

This is the same armoire that was in my room when I was little. Katie and I used to play elevator in it. It then belonged to Matthew and Anna Grace. It originally was my dad's. It used to have mirrors in it that were replaced with curtains somewhere down the line. When I called it an armoire one day in front of my dad, he said, "That thing came from Harrisburg, hon. That's a chifforobe not an armoire!"

Sarah likes it, no matter what you call it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Siblings

I thought that this was so cute today. I asked Aaron to unload the dishwasher and Sarah decided to help him. These two are really sweet together. Aaron is always reading her a book or playing with her in her room. She will give him a kiss and say, "aw, fweet". I think that Aaron is her favorite:)

I love that my kids (pretty much) get along well together. Levi is still a bit of the 3rd wheel with the older brothers, but he and Caleb are getting to be quite close. Daddy took them to work with him for a few hours this morning. They wanted a picture of their tattoos that they got out of their Happy Meal at lunch.

Why do all of my kids do this when I try to take their picture?
This is what I caught Sarah doing at lunch with her pretzels. Nice.....

She is taking a nap for the first time in her toddler bed today. We'll see how this goes! She looked so cute all snuggled up in there. I should have taken a picture:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was sitting outside with the boys and just happened to notice Levi's feet...

Someone needs a pedicure asap! He NEVER wears shoes and his poor little feet have so many cuts and scrapes on them. Sometimes, if I don't pay attention, he'll put on flip flops to wear to church. There is nothing like looking over at these feet in flip flops on a Sunday morning. Don't think that a bath will cure it. It helps, but they somehow never look fully clean!

Speaking of dirty.....

ewww! We affectionately call him pig pen:)

Whenever I tell Aaron that I want to take his picture, he'll sit there with the sweetest smile and then RIGHT before I take it he makes a face. His timing is impeccable!

Caleb has learned to ride the scooter and it is hilarious! He is so fast. I know that he is going to just wipe out and kill himself. His outfit of choice is his (baggy) underwear and nothing else, so the road rash is going to be especially bad. He has the most intense look of concentration on his face.

I need to take a picture of his feet. They are even worse than Levi's. Since he started riding the scooter, he always has bloody toes.

While I am more ready than ever to see cold weather, I am not looking forward to all of the laundry that comes with it. Although...my boys HAVE been known to ride their bikes and skooters in nothing but their underwear in frigid temperatures. It's actually an ongoing joke in my neighborhood...when will it be cold enough for the Wahl boys to wear shoes?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Sarah is about to have her world rocked. Right now she is the baby, everyone tends to her and she is the center of attention. That is all about to change in a few months. I hope that she will do well when Rebekah is born. I don't think that any of mine have ever really had a hard time. I also have never had one as clingy as this one either:)

She is at a cute age right now. She talks ALL the time. One of the church nursery workers commented that she was very quiet and never said anything. HA! I can understand a good bit of what she says, but sometimes it just comes out jibberish and she'll throw in a "right momma, right?" at the end. She will stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell "Lebi, Lalub, Yack, Aon!" She is super loud and loves to scream with delight when her brothers chase her. It seriously rattles the windows.

This weekend, the Martins were in town and she loved the twins. She really is fascinated with babies right now. She's just so rough. She would run to get a toy for Molly Kate or Eli, and then about trample them on the way back to give it to them. She was feeding Molly Kate ice out of someones cup on Friday night. These two are going to make Caleb and Joshua look like saints!

Sweet little Eli....

Speaking of Caleb and Joshua, the punks were at it again this weekend. On one vist recently, those two managed to smash out the back window of my van with rocks, to the tune of $500. This time, they hung on the back wiper of my van and broke it off, in a few pieces. Being the high maintenance person that I am, I demanded that my car be taken to the dealership immediately to be repaired. Ha! My dad and I actually got out in the driveway and super glued it back together. That baby is looking good! I'm afraid to take it through the car wash. Our rigging job just might not make it:)

Keepin' It Real

I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I read blogs and I think, "Yeah right." You know the ones with the kids that are perfectly dressed and the house is perfectly straight and they are making some fun craft while something wonderful bakes in the oven. That ain't reality around the Wahl house. Oh, I try...it just never turns out the way I have played it out in my mind:)

Here are a few pictures of the kids painting this afternoon. I always feel guilty because we have an "art drawer" that is full of paints, playdough, glitter, etc., and it NEVER gets opened! Today was the day to crack it open and pull out some paints and paintbrushes.

Before I even got everything on the table, little hands were touching everything. "Quit...stop it...don't touch...wait and let me get it all ready!" For a few minutes, everything was going well. I even snapped a few pictures.

Then, I heard Sarah gagging. She had a MOUTHFUL of blue paint. It was like she took a spoon, dipped it in and ate it.

After I tended to her, I heard a splat and both Levi and Caleb were staring at me with the big eyes.....

I'm glad that we were outside.

Everyone had to get straight into the bath tub. After I cleaned everything up and hosed down the deck, I was so tired. Ten minutes of painting equals alot of clean up with my kids. If only I had something really yummy ready to come out of the oven...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dove Season

All good things must come to an end. This summer, it has been so nice to not open my fridge door and find something with fur or feathers on it sitting on the shelves. My garage hasn't had decoys and camo lying around. No mud has been in the driveway from a truck that has been deep in the woods.
Well, this weekend it all begins. I knew that it was coming. Not only did I receive a memo from Christian listing all of the important dates of the hunting year, but targets are showing up in the backyard. Deer stands are out there waiting to be put up in the woods. Food has been thrown out for the doves. When Christian gets home, he asks how many doves we saw in the yard that day.
Jackson shot his first dove out of our kitchen window.....

Tonight, we were sitting at the dinner table and Christian got up and went to the window. He said, "Y'all want to see me shoot a dove with my bow?" Of course, the boys were fired up about it. He went outside and the boys all gathered around the window. I just sat there eating my dinner wondering how this became my life. Then, Jackson yelled, "He SMOKED it!" They all ran outside. While I was cleaning up the kitchen I kept seeing the boys running by the window holding that poor dove by its leg. Later, I took Sarah outside and she walked over to the dead bird on the ground. She picked up a stick and poked it and said, "EWWW!" I started to smile thinking how proud I was that my little girl thought that the dead dove was gross and didn't want to pick it up or anything. Then she put the (same!) stick in her mouth and started chewing on it. (Sigh....)