Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sarah is 23 months!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of Sarah since she is 23 months today. What a character she is. There is MOST definitely a difference between girls and boys.

She just LOVES shoes. She doesn't mind whose they are, or if she has anything on BUT them.

She looks and acts just like her daddy:)

I love to put her hair in piggy tails.

She will sit and play with these pumpkins for hours. Ok, minutes!

This is a dress that mom made for me when I was little.

As you can see, she has "picked" up some bad habits from her brothers:)

She just loves my new lipstick shade.

She loves baby dolls, she just prefers them to have no clothes on and she likes to carry them by their necks. A sword in the other hand is also a must. Oh well, I did say that I wanted her somewhere between the princess and the tomboy didn't I? I think she will be very well rounded!

Come quickly baby Rebekah. Your sister needs another female around this place!

Just a reminder of where I was 23 months ago....

Sarah Elizabeth Wahl

Time to do it again!

Jackson's First (and Second) Deer Kill

As Christian put it, he left a boy and came back a man! Christian took Jackson deer hunting for the first time. He had taken him before, but this time he actually had a gun. It was the same gun that Christian killed his first deer with.

It was actually a pretty big deer for around here. Christian said it was pure luck because he shot it in the neck.

The brothers were all soooo proud.

Sarah...not so much. She said, "EWWW!"

He apparantley had been hit by a car and his shoulder had a dent in it.

The next weekend he killed this one. I know, I know...I'm totally unaffected by it anymore. Blood and guts are just par for the course around here.

This one he shot in the head as it was running away. Again, PURE luck. Of course, the way he tells it, it was what he meant to do:)

One parting shot of Levi's feet. It was COLD outside, but he didn't care. I made him take a bath when he came in, but he was adamant that he didn't need one and just wanted to get in the bed. Let's all say a prayer right now for his future wife....may she be the most laid back woman that ever walked the planet. Amen.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mountain Trip

How has it been MONTHS since my last post? Time flies when you are having fun, right? Well, this is my post of shame as I try to climb back on the wagon.

We took a trip to the mountains the first weekend in October. It was so much fun. We have some friends that were gracious in offering us their cabin. It was so rustic and charming. Christian and the boys had a blast fishing and swimming (it was FREEZING) in the creek nearby. Sarah loved to swing on the playground next to the creek. We found a great playground for the kids in Hiawassee. We went there several times. It was perfect weather, but we did miss the colorful leaves by a few weeks.

The cabin was so neat, but my one complaint is this....

You cannot tell from this picture how ENORMOUS this spider was. This was actually the second one I found. The first was IN MY BED!!! When I called Christian to handle this one, he went in the bathroom armed with a broom and a boot. It was hilarious...

Just to document that I actually was there and larger than life, I give you this....

and this....a very fat and tired momma:)

On Saturday morning, Christian took the boys hiking. They went straight up this mountain. He said that he thought Caleb would have a hard time keeping up, but he said later that he was like a "mountain goat" bounding ahead of all of the others. They actually walked down a road because it was too steep to come back down the way they came up. The boys wanted to show me where they went, so we drove up there in the van and almost got STUCK. The tires were just spinning on the gravel because it was so steep. I really was scared. I thought that we were about to just slide off of the mountain! Christian took this picture when they got to the top.

We went to the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald. We paid to ride up to the top instead of with child and all:) There was a little museum with exhibits featuring Native American artifacts, local animals, and some historical information about the area. At one point, one of the ladies that worked there was telling the boys about the Cherokee Indians and how they were relocated from the land. She asked if they knew what that was called and Aaron piped up, "the Trail of Tears!" She then asked who was president during this time and as Christian and I looked at each other because we didn't have a clue, Jackson says, "Oh, I know...Andrew Jackson." She was clearly impressed and said that most adults don't know the answer to that question. It was a proud homeschooling momma moment:)