Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look Mom! No Training Wheels!


What has my little Bek been up to lately?

Being precious...that's what! She is starting to hold things in her hands and bring them up to her mouth. She can't quite reach out for a toy. She looks at it likes she wants it, but her little arms just won't cooperate yet:) At her 4 month appointment, she weighed 12.8 lbs. She is below average in weight, about 60th percentile in length, and (in true Wahl fashion) is in the 90th percentile for head circumference. I'll never forget when they charted Levi's head at one of his appointments and it was OFF of the graph. We have big brains people. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

In other news, Caleb is now officially riding a bike with no training wheels. I tried to teach him before Rebekah was born, but a big pregnant body running behind a very small bike ain't a pretty site. It isn't very comfortable either. To keep from having a baby in the middle of the cul de sac, we postponed the bike training til a pretty spring day.

That was Monday!

So proud!

Monday was one of those days when I spent great time with my kids outside and my house looked like a disaster inside. I taught Caleb to ride his bike and we even did a fun little Easter project.

I hope to have many more days like this! It takes a conscious mental effort to be at peace about it, but seriously! My days of having little ones here to play with are numbered and my house can be clean later in life. (Preach!)

Work it! Own it! The boys have always run around in their underwear outside. In fact, our neighbor up the street said that the first time he saw Caleb he was running up the street with a gun on his back, a sword in his hand, and nothing but Power Ranger underwear on.

I remember thinking at one point that I would NEVER let a girl run around in her underwear outside. Hmmm.....

My big guy loves to read!! He really likes the Hardy Boys books. He is also reading a book that I was given at the homeschool convention. It was so cute when he was describing to me how hard it is to put it down at night. I can so relate! I have a strict rule that I don't start a novel until I am at the beach or on 'vacation'. Who am I kidding...I don't go on vacation these days. We go on 'work harder because we are away from home with a bunch of little ones'. Ha!

Turkey Season

Have you ever opened up your refridgerator and found something like....

this? No?

I cannot tell you how many times I open that door to discover something with feathers or fur on it wrapped in a trash bag. Yummo!

Have you ever watched the news and seen the little children in middle eastern countries with masks on their faces holding guns? You just shake your head and wonder how those parents could be raising their children that way.

I'm afraid you may feel the same sentiment after viewing some of our family photos.

Levi asked me the other day how much kids cost. I asked him if he meant when they were born or just in general to raise them. He replied, "No, like if you want to sell one. How much money can you get?"

I was chopping up an onion in the kitchen and Levi came in and just stood there, with the onion eye level on the counter, looking at it. After a minute I asked him what he was doing and he said (sounding like he'd been ripped off), "I'm just staring at this onion and it's not making me cry!"

He was very proud that he found a dead moth somewhere in the house. He brought it to me holding it by the wing and said he was glad to find it before Sarah did. A little later I found this on my table in the living room.

Apparantley it is highly entertaining to snip a moth into pieces with your school scissors , and then leave it for you mother to find and clean up.

Jackson wanted to sport a mohawk for a week. We cut it on Saturday before church on Sunday.

Lest you think that Sarah has been behaving herself, I give you this....

She smeared lotion all over her face AND hair as we were on the way out the door somewhere. I am very proud of her, though. She has not had but a handful of accidents since we started pottytraining. It is VERY inconvenient to be away from the house and have her yell, "I gotta go tee tee!!" With the boys, you could just find them a nice shrub or tree. A friend suggested carrying around a little potty in the car. We are going to try that one.

She still likes to do "crazy eyes" for the camera...that girl is a mess!!!