Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Girls

Watermelon Nights

It's that time again....warm nights and cold watermelon.


Christian brought something home from work for the boys.

They played with it for a bit and it almost went up Chrstian's pant leg. All of the boys like to play with critters, but Levi has a particular fondness for them.

Here is his little bull frog that now lives in a box in our garage. He feeds him a bug every now and then.

This crazy thing was climbing on the house and Christian shot it with a bb gun. He had to shoot it several times to kill it! Yuck! Levi is trying to dig the bbs out...quadruple yuck!

This would be the carnage from a few stray bbs. Yes, that is a hole in the vinyl. Yes, my husband can fix it. No, he will not. It is now added to the endless list of things in my home that need to be repaired due to negligent behavior by father and sons.

Google revealed to us that it is a skink...eumeces fasciatus if you want to get technical.

Levi loved inspecting it!

Levi has a habit of coming up to me while I am preoccupied with something and saying, "Momma, look!" I'll turn to see what he wants me to look at and he is holding 'something' a few inches away from my face. I always scream. It is just my first reaction and it totally is what he wants. He is so smug with self satisfaction when I do.


He has been called on more than once to capture stow away critters that have shown up in neighbors homes, pools, and yards. Future career option??

I actually love this about Levi. I love that he is always on the prowl for something to catch. I do make a habit of checking his pockets before I put his pants in the wash...just in case.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tic Tacs and Tuckered Out

I took Caleb to Publix to spend a dollar that was burning a hole in his pocket. He was so cute! He held his dollar in his hand and marched right over to the Tic Tacs in the checkout line. Levi and Caleb are both obsessed with tic tacs, and he obviously had decided he would spend his dollar on them way before we entered the store. He looked at the orange ones and then he looked at the green ones. He finally decided on the assorted orange and green ones. The checkout girl asked him his name and was very patient as she talked him through paying for his purchase. I just stood back and let him do it himself. She counted out his change and he was so proud that he did it all alone!

This morning, most of the tic tacs were gone. Christian said, "Word of advice...if Caleb offers you a tic tac, don't pick a white one." When I asked why he said, "Because those are the ones he sucked the color off of and then put back in the box!"

I have no idea why he was holding up his fingers like this. When we had Japanese and Korean students staying with us, they always did this in pictures. A friend of mine told me that her son who is about Caleb's age said that was how you say "cheese!" in their language when having your picture taken:)

We enjoyed a few cooler days last week. We did a little bit of school and then headed to the park with some friends to spend the afternoon. Sarah did not get a nap and this is what happened at dinner....

She sleeps with her eyes open a is so wierd!

Then the inevitable happened.

The brothers started picking.....

She slept through the whole torture session.
She was absolutely filthy, but I wiped her down the best I could and then put her to bed for the night.

Little girl hair is so hard to deal with. It is always messy! When the boys get any length on their hair, they just get a cut out in the driveway. Sarah's hair is ALWAYS in her eyes. Christian has become quite resourceful about finding ways to keep her hair out of her food when eating...