Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 12th Anniversary

Has it been 12 years? I guess when you have babies every 2 years, time flies!!

Christian surprised me and had all of the kids farmed out Friday night. He told me that we had dinner reservations at Sheehan's at 5:30. When we got there, a dear friend and her husband were waiting for us. It was perfect! We had a GREAT dinner and then drove over to Borders to hang out for a while. What would date night be without a trip to Walmart? After we left our friends, we shopped a bit and got home around 11:00. Whew...late nighter! A perfect date:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Laugh

Levi, Caleb, and Sarah are obessed with tape. I bought a big pack from the store a few weeks ago and I can never find any when I need it!

Isn't this how everyone stores their tape?

My little Rebekah Claire is eating puffs and cheerios! It keeps her busy...

It also keeps me busy with the broom!!

She has just begun to crawl around. It seems like she was a baby for so long and then all of the sudden she began sitting alone, crawling, and eating finger foods overnight! The boys call her is so funny. Sarah calls her that sometimes, too.

Sarah is so brown from being in the sun so much. She is always running around in her underwear and with her crazy hair she reminds me of Mowgli from Jungle Book! I asked her yesterday if she was a princess and she said, "No! I'm a ninja!"

Christian has been on a workout kick. He was talking the other day about how he needed a pull up bar. I was only half paying attention and mindlessly nodded in agreement. I was busy in the kitchen and noticed that he came through with a drill in his hand. I didn't think anything of it. I then noticed that he came back through with a half smile on his face. I started to get suspicious. He was up to no good, I could tell. Well, we now have pull up our bathroom!

He used some type of bar from a job site and screws. As I stood there staring with my mouth open, he assured me that it could be taken down very easily. I started to get used to the idea and said that I wanted to try. He said that I had to wear gloves, so he handed me a pair of work gloves. Work gloves, not workout gloves! I put them on and as I was reaching up, I looked up and dirt falls from the gloves and into my eyes. Nice! I couldn't reach and so he had to pick me up. Does anyone else think that this is hilarious? My husband in his underwear (with a weight lifting belt on), picking me up to let me grab our 'pullup bar' in the bathroom while I'm wearing his big ol' work gloves. He's making all sorts of grunting noises trying to lift me high enough to grab the bar. Of course, I couldn't BEGIN to do a pullup. I'm just hanging there laughing at how ridiculous we are!

Sometimes you just HAVE to laugh...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pool Fun

My neighbor and Christian were tossing the kids in the pool the other night...




Levi (I love C's face in this one)


Jackson (all arms and legs)



Sarah (will NOT be outdone by her brothers!)

Now, can somebody please pass the Advil to these old men? :)

Fabulous Fireworks!

We had a fun Fourth of July!

Rebekah was rockin' her red, white, and blue...

We ate entirely too much food.

We had family and friends over to celebrate.

Leah and Caleb played together all day!

Uncle Brent snuggled with Rebekah. I think he would have loved to catch a quick wink himself!

Everyone gathered for the fireworks show...

Michael and Jackson were in charge of lighting the fireworks this year. They got a little creative...

My poor mailbox gets abused every 4th.

The label clearly says not to hold them in your hand....

The kids were so jacked up!

Our neighbor didn't even call the police on us. I guess even SHE was in a festive mood this year!


Sarah and I got to spend some time with the play-doh this morning. She loves it!

We made some 'braceklets' and a necklace. Look at my sweet little model....

Her new thing is to ask me what time it is. She asks over and over. It's so funny to hear a 2 year old that has absolutely NO concept of time asking what time it is! I could say it is 56 o'clock and she'd say, "Oh, ok!"

It has been pretty quiet around here this week. Aaron and Levi are in Atlanta visiting the Martin cousins and it is UNBELIEVABLE how quiet things are with 4 kids. It's not that Aaron and Levi are any trouble, they are just two more kids making noise, needing things, making messes, etc.

I would just like to say that my sister is the WOMAN! She just called me from Target and she had ALL of the kids with her. I'm sure that it is just a breeze to make a Target run with two 8 year olds, a 7 year old, a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and 18 month old twins. I don't think I could do it with just the twins:) When I commented that people must be staring, she said, "Let them stare!"

They will be home tonight. Aaron was trying to work out a longer stay, but Levi is ready to be home. He said that he misses Rebekah. He wanted to know if she would be a year old when he got home. He also wanted to know if she had any teeth yet...