Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bible Funnies

I don't want to forget some of the funny things my kids have said when we are talking together about things of the bible.

Just this morning, I was talking to Levi about how Jesus came and the angels appeared to the shepherds. I asked Levi how he thought the shepherds might have felt when they saw the angels and he replied (after a thoughtful pause), ", they were creeped out." That ain't the KJV people.

The funniest are the conversations that I have with Jackson and Aaron. Sometimes the bible isn't exactly rated G. I have been know to skip a thing or two here and there so that we don't have to address some "issues" yet. The other day, however, we were talking about signs of the covenant and circumcision came up. I was really stumbling over my words, not really knowing if I should use correct terminology, etc., when Aaron pipes up and says "awkward!"

When we were discussing the Lord's Supper, Aaron wanted to know "why you get to eat those delicious croutons and we just have to sit there and watch!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Jackson, Aaron, and Levi have a chore chart. It is part of their morning routine to do a few things around the house. When I made the chart, I excluded Caleb because I just was thinking he was too little. He helps out with things now and then, but I just didn't think I should make him responsible for something everyday. Well, he has a problem with the fact that he doesn't have chores. He always asks me what his chore is in the morning.

A few weeks ago, I told him that he could take a clothes basket downstairs and pick up all of the dirty clothes. He hollered down the hall that the only basket he could find "has boobies in it!" What? I stuck my head out into the hall to see that the basket he was carrying had my bra in it. I got so tickled and he just stood there looking at me wondering what in the heck was so funny and why I didn't just get my boobies out of the basket!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Few Random Pics

I love the things my kids put on sometimes...this is Levi doing his chores one morning. I snuck up behind him....

Go Diego Go!

When he saw me, he jumped in the pantry.

This is a bad picture, but it documents how high my kids climb in the trees around my house. That is the roofline of the second story. They are trying to make me have a heart attack....

This is the sandwich that Jackson made for lunch the other day. A double decker PB&J really hits the spot...

Could someone please let Santa know that I need a new laptop for Christmas? It is getting now won't stay open on its own. Christian made some wooden L shaped brackets and glued them on the outside of the computer. Now, it never shuts. sigh


Rebekah has been feeding herself a good bit lately, and the end result is quite a mess. Her favorite thing to do is to run her hands through her hair so that it sticks out on the sides. She has at least 3 baths a after each meal.

The other night she was so messy that only an outside bath would do. It was her first in the "hot tub"...and she LOVED it!

I LOVE this picture. Her smile was so big, it just wrapped around her face. She splashed and splashed and splashed!

Ewwww! We need to teach Rebekah some "hot tub" etiquette!

This Is How We Do It

We have lived in our home almost ten years. I was pregnant with Aaron when we were building this house. I remember being SO sick and just letting Christian choose most of our fixtures and things. I just didn't care about anything but lying on the couch and keeping my food down. I even told the carpet guy on the phone to "just pick something, I promise I'll like it!"

We eventually fenced in the backyard so that we could contain our two little wild boys. The years have come and gone...and more children have come. Now, we don't really need to contain anyone because their is always an older sibling handy to keep an eye on the younger ones. The fence was beginning to look very weathered, so we decided to take it down.

Christian asked me with that glint in his eye, "Can I take it down with my truck?"

The kids were all safe and sound on the swingset while Christian slammed the truck in reverse and demolished the fence in about 5 minutes. At one point, he yelled out the window, "I hope I don't scratch my truck!" He then screeched the tires while laughing maniacally out the window.

I love the fence being gone. It really opens up the backyard for the boys to play football and it's easier to cut the grass...because you know we get yard of the month every month, right?

It seems like I JUST did this, but I cleaned out the sofa the other day. How does this happen? I actually jotted a list down of the stuff that I pulled out of that black hole, but I can't find it. So, from memory....earrings, about a whole pack of crayons, pencils, pens, bobbi pins, candy wrappers, bottle caps, cars, a match (?), Capri Sun straw wrappers, cereal, Legos, band aid wrappers, hair bows, q tips (disgusting). Oh, and my personal favorite...a bent nail.

My boys have serious appetites...I know, I haven't seen anything yet. I fixed 4 boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese for lunch the other day. FOUR! I barely got a spoonful. Amazing...

Someone played a joke on my neighbor with a huge rattlesnake. I'm very thankful that it was not killed near our was enormous!

Guess who wanted to keep the tail?

I found it later on the counter in the kitchen...nice. Anyone want to come over for dinner?