Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to Wahl-ffle House

Levi had two of his buddies spend the night for his (belated) birthday party last Friday night. A friend of mine was in the process of an out of town move and needed some last minute help with a few of her kiddos, so her two little ones ended up staying the night, too. Aaron was spending the night with a friend, so we had 9 kids at the house...10, 7, 7, 7, 4, 2, 2, 19 months(ish), and 11 months.

This is what our table looked like the next morning! Christian and I cooked the whole gang pancakes and bacon. Christian commented that this must be what it is like to be a Waffle House cook. I told him that a Waffle House cook just cooks. We were taking orders, cooking, serving, and cleaning up!


A few years ago, I put my foot down about paying for Halloween costumes. How ridiculous is it to spend money on something they will wear for just a few hours? When I was little, you just figured it out...we dug through the closets and used our imagination.

This year, Jackson went all out. I did buy him some hair color, but it was really cheap. He came up with his costume all on his own.

The best part was that he rigged his Guitar Hero guitar to play Sweet Child of Mine. He taped his MP3 player to the back and turned it up so that you could hear it. It was pretty ingenious!

Sarah was a princess, and she loved putting on makeup. I dug an old tiara out of the attic and she thought that was so awesome.

Caleb was a hobo again this year. I love hobo just means you are pretty much ready to go when it is time to trick or treat. You don't need to clean up and those holes in your jeans are perfect! I just added a beard, a hat, and a sign that said "Will work for candy!"

Levi was a security guard and Aaron was a Georgia fan. Easy peasy...

We had our usual crowd over for chili and trick or treating. We may or may not have eaten more candy than we gave out. It was a fun night!

There's A Mouse About the House

I was painting a table in my garage one night. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. I looked over to see a tiny mouse sitting there staring at me. I tried to calm myself by thinking, "It's ok, Ashley. It's just a little brown mouse. He is kind of cute...right?" The mouse then decided he would come in for a closer look which sent me into a TIZZY! I was screaming and carrying on and that poor scared little mouse ran under the freezer. I called Christian on his cell phone (he was in the house) and told him to come save me from the mouse that was in our garage. He has zero patience with me when I get in squealy girl mode. He came out armed with a bb gun and sunglasses on.

I was told that if I was going to scream that I could just go back inside. I promised that I wouldn't and even put my hand over my mouth to keep in any squeals that might try to escape. The little mouse made a run for it and hid behind some stacked up lawn chairs. Christian started to move them one by one and I was standing back armed with a broom. Eventually, the poor mouse was cornered and it didn't end in his favor.

Christian put the mouse on my neighbor's truck handle, so the next morning when he was getting into his truck to go to work...he got a nice little surprise.


Someone is turning one this month!

Rebekah is pulling up and cruising around furniture. She actually let go today and stood by herself for a second. Six teeth have broken through and she prefers table food over baby food. She can't quite figure out how to drink from a cup yet, so we are working on that.

She saves her "help I'm on fire" scream for special moments these days. If she is feeling ignored, she will certainly let me know, but I don't usually have to deal with it as much as I used to.

The boys love her. If I start to put her to bed, everyone has to come and give her a kiss and a hug. Aaron always wants to hold her and she lays her head on his shoulder. It is so precious. He is definitely her favorite.

She has found her nose and LOVES to put her finger in there. Of course, she gets many laughs from her siblings which makes her want to do it all the more.

Christian caught a lizard and handed it to Rebekah. She just took it right out of his hand and wasn't the least bit freaked out. Then he had to take it back from her because she kept trying to put it in her mouth! Ugh...

Then someone decided that it would be funny to put it on her head and let it crawl all over her. She was totally fine with it. Poor thing...