Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Good Life...

These days I am just living the good life.  Not the perfect life...there are days when I want to pull out every hair on my head.  Those days usually come once a month, or when I don't get my required 8 hours of sleep! The good life consists of just ordinary days with children making messes, doing school work, playing football  in the yard, working on chores, etc.  I am thankful for ordinary days:)

Caleb's little personality is really coming out these days.  He is so sweet!  He loves to draw and color, something the older brothers never enjoyed.  He is always wanting to mail his masterpieces to Mimi.  He loves to run and is very fast.  It is really funny how fast he can run.  Maybe he will be my track star:)  All of the teeth that were hanging on for dear life after the library parking lot accident Febrary 2011 have now bitten the dust.  One came out while he was wrestling with Cousin Joshua over Thanksgiving, and the other one gave up the fight a few months later.  He now has a gaping hole that is just adorable.  It is quite a challenge to eat certain things when you are missing 3 front teeth!

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...what am I going to do with this child?  At breakfast one morning, she casually said, "Momma, Daddy shot that racoon."  I said, "I know Sarah, was it just so sad?"  She replied in an excited tone, "Nope!  It had blood coming out of it's eyes and it was on the ground!"  Poor little thing.  I hear stories of little girls crying when they watch Bambi.  Not this girl.  She is just such a little boy sometimes.  She can now boast of stitches, a broken collar bone, and a burn on her leg...all more accidents than the brothers combined.  She is such a sweet girl, though, and her personality is really so cute.  She still has her little lisp and still LOVES Diego.  We were at Lowe's and she was hanging on the cart and yelled, "Look Mommy!  I'm a sloth!" 

Levi is still catching critters!  Any empty box or container that is left lying around becomes some kind of habitat for one of his pets.  Right now we have an old Zaxby's salad container with moths in it.  He also has a mason jar with some little worm in it that has managed to hang on for a few weeks.  He got a guinea pig for Christmas that had belonged to a friend and was full grown.  He was in LOVE!  Christian said that he gave "that thing" til March, and I am sad to say that he was  One Wednesday morning in March,  I was ready to head out to bible study. Levi came to me with tears saying that Ipod wasn't moving.  I was so sad for him.  Jackson had to "man up" and put Ipod in a shoebox. I dug a hole and we buried her.  Levi was so sad, but it was such a good opportunity to talk to him about death.  I told him that it is so sad that we live in a world where people and animals get sick and die, but that this isn't how God originally created it to be.  Sin entered the world and now everything is broken....BUT, we have a hope!  We talked about how Jesus came and defeated sin and death and that one day there will be a new Earth.  We won't get sick and no one will die!  It was so sweet to see that really sink in.  We went to the pet store that weekend and bought another guinea pig.  This one is Valentine and she was a baby when we got her.  Hopefully she will be with us for a while!

Sweet little Rebekah has changed the most these last few months.  She started walking and got a roomie!  I moved Sarah's little toddler bed into the room with her and it has been great.  Usually I put Rebekah down first and then tip toe in with Sarah once she is asleep.  Tonight, I put them in bed at the same time and I heard them giggle and "talk" for a while.  I just love it when you see those little friendships start to develop.  Rebekah still has her loud scream/cry, but we don't hear it as often as we used to.  She can be a little fretful at times, but as the boys like to point out, "She is just spoiled!"

Yep...and guess who it is that spoils her?  Her big brothers and sister!

They are always tending to her and if she ever gets a little pop on her hand, they will say, "Momma!  She's just a little baby!"  She's a little baby that is wearing the pants around here.  We are going to have to get a handle on this one quick!

Aaron continues to be the comic relief in my life.  He is just so witty!  He is extremely bright, but would rather have a root canal than read a book or do a little math.  He is very sensitive and tenderhearted (in a good way).  He loves to play football with his daddy and brothers.  Christian made him a little putting green in the yard and he is always out there practicing.  

Jackson has really matured this school year.  He is so self sufficient and conscientious of his schoolwork.  He has grown a foot and will pass me before long.  He is growing before my eyes, it seems.  He is just finishing his second year in piano and enjoying it.  I hope that he continues with it.  He has been doing odd jobs here and there and is saving his money for an Ipod.  He an Aaron are the dynamic duo...or as Christian affectionately calls them, Dumb and Dumber.  They really are like a comedy team...Jackson is the writer and Aaron just delivers it.  It is hilarious!

We are finishing up the school year and hopefully that will free up some time to take more pictures and blog about the crazy things that go on around here.  If I don't, I forget them.  I hate that 4 months have passed without documentation of these little people and their antics.  When they are all gone and my house is quite and spotless and I have time on my hands...I want to remember the days we were living the good life:)