Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just Checkin' In

Miss Rebekah Claire is under the weather.  She has been running a fever and I know that her throat is hurting.  "No!" has been her favorite word.  I literally had to put ear plugs in to deal with her crying today...I am turning into my husband!


These boys sure do love each other....

Well, maybe not THAT much:) 

Snake in the yard!  We had a very long black rat snake in the backyard.  I think it is the same one we saw moving very slowly in the fall when it was cooling down.  I crack myself up at how I don't freak out about snakes anymore.  I mean...I don't want to hold one or anything, but if I see one that I know isn't venomous I just kinda waive and go about my merry way.

Sad story alert!  Christian called and told me that he had a surprise  for us one day.  I was sitting in a chair reading to the boys when the kitchen door opened.  I looked up and saw this sweet thing

wander into the house.  A friend had raised it for a few weeks and then was heading out of town.  Christian volunteered to keep him.  He warned us that fawns this young don't usually make it and that we shouldn't get too attached.  Um, excuse me? 

How can you not get attached to Bambi when you are feeding him a bottle every 3-4 hours?

Levi was the perfect little "mama", but I am sorry to say that about a week after we got little Ben the Buck, he wasn't doing so well.  We nursed him the best we could, but he just didn't make it.  We have had lots of discussions about death lately.  I am grateful that it is over pets and not people!!  There were some sad faces around here for sure!

On a lighter note....Sarah has said some pretty funny things lately!  Anna Grace had her over at her sister-in-law's house (who is expecting).  She said, "Momma, Tracy has a baby in her belly.  I saw it when I was at her was just all hangin' out in there bubbling out!"   She also has been watching Snow White a good bit lately and she calls it "Snow White and the Seven Dorks":)  She is such a cracks me up when she has a particularly nasty fall and all that you see are the bottoms of her feet and she yells out, "I'm OK!"

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Sometimes our yard just gets downright embarassing.  After a few very busy weeks, I realized that our yard was just ridiculous.  Not only were there shoes, clothes, and toys all strewn in the yard, but there was also lots and lots of trash.  Small pieces of broken toys, popsicle papers and sticks, little pieces of paper, and other things were just everywhere I looked.  I told Levi and Caleb that I would give a dollar to the kid with the most trash picked up out of the yard and put in a grocery bag.  I kid you not....this is what they brought to me.

They FILLED both of those bags.  Levi won, but I gave Caleb 50 cents for a great second place finish.

Have I mentioned that Levi loves to burn things with his magnifying glass?  This is what I found Saturday morning.  The magnifying glass was lying nearby.  This poor little piggy bank was about to be in an inferno.

This same morning I asked Caleb where Levi was and he told me that he was "outside cooking something with his magnifying glass".

We stopped by Zaxby's for a quick bite and Rebekah wowed everyone with her classy table manners.

Sometimes I just feel a little on the trashy side:)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fashion Forward

My husband is so very concerned with the latest styles.  Today we had a conversation that went like this...

C:  " there anywhere close by where I can pick up a pair of tennis shoes?"
A:  "Well, there is Rack Room over by Target and Sports Academy."
C:  "No, that's too expensive.  I was thinking like a Payless or something where I could get some like $10-15 tennis shoes with velcro.  You know...easy to slip on and off."
A:  "Are you kidding me right now?"
C: "Huh?"
A:  "You want to purchase a pair of adult velcro shoes at Payless Shoe Source for around $10-15?"
C: "Yes..."

After I explain to him that velcro has no business on an adult shoe, he then gets Jackson in on the conversation.

C:  "Jackson, how do you feel about velcro?"
J:  blink, blink....blank stare
A:  "Jackson, how do you feel about velcro on your dad's shoes?  Just to be clear we are not talking about Caleb's shoes..."

We then got a lecture about how he didn't care what we thought and how he was going to bring back the velcro shoe and he huffed out the door.

Pictures to follow...


Sarah had a play date today with a little friend from church.  It was HILARIOUS!  I had the best time watching them squeal and run around.  They played 'picnic' and played with all of the stuffed animals that have been collecting dust forever.  It was like another girl in the house just made Sarah act so girly:)

After playing in the sprinklers, I stripped them down in the yard and was washing all the grass off of them when Sarah yells to Elena with elation, "HEY!  YOU HAVE THE SAME BOOTIE AS ME!"  Poor child has seen so many boy "booties" that a girl "bootie" was just a fantastic surprise:)

P.S.  Emma, I am so sorry that now your child's vocabulary includes the word bootie.  And loser.  And "lookin' good dawg!". *sigh*