Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh my word...

these boys make me laugh!

Random Photos

I was looking back through old photos and found a few that I wanted to save... 

I love this photo of Matthew and Jordanne from their wedding day.

I think this may be the only photo of the whole family...

What a blessing these women have been to me through the years.  The Lord brought us together, of this I am sure.  Christian calls us the homeschool crazies.  He may be right:)  On this particular night they threw me a surprise baby shower when I was pregnant with Rebekah.  I cried...a lot! :)

My favorite photo of all 4 of us together at my cousin Chandler's wedding.  I remember the strap on my dress popping off and Christian quipped, "Too much present and not enough package!"  Don't you think I look like the youngest of my siblings??  :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here and There...

Football is in full swing at the Wahl house.  They are having so much fun...and all they are really doing at this point is conditioning.

Levi was really bummed that he couldn't play this year.   He is already training for next year...

He can do pull ups like they are nothing!

He has been reading Tim Tebow's book and he is always telling me things like, "Momma, did you know that Tim Tebow does 400 push ups and 400 sit ups a day?"  Later,  I will walk into a room and he will be doing push ups and sit ups.  He has taken the Tebow Challenge!  He is a beast!!

Speaking of beast, Rebekah is affectionately known around here as "the beast".  Christian started it (shocker) and it has stuck.  I may have called her that once or twice, like, "I'm going to put the beast to bed."  I picked her up from nursery once and Christian had filled out her name tag as "The Beast" and on instructions he put "apply Holy Water as needed".

She really can be such a sweet little thing:)

This is my view while cooking supper most nights.  

This is blurry because I had to act quickly...this is how the monkey gets to the treats at the top of the pantry!

A short video by Jackson and Aaron.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When my grandfather died, my grandmother asked me to say something at his funeral.  I found a copy of what I said the other day when I was cleaning out a drawer and wanted to post it...mostly so that I have a copy saved.

I want to say a few words about my sweet grandfather.  He loved his family very much and was so proud of us all.  We all have such wonderful memories that we will cherish of him.  Being the first grandchild, I got to spend a lot of time with Papa and Mama Re when I was little, going to the country and up to the lake.  I would spend the night with them and sleep right in the middle.  He loved to later tell me of how I would smack him in the middle of the night when he got to snoring and say, "Hush Papa!"  He loved to aggravate and would grab me by the ankle and tickle my feet until I couldn't breathe…all the time laughing and mocking me saying "quit it Papa!"  I loved to see him do that to my kids, too.  I remember him cleaning fish at the lake and us having fish fries.  I can see him now sitting around in his pajamas at night watching the Braves play in his recliner.  He would never watch any of "that make believe"  on TV…just news and sports.  I always liked going to Fripp Island with the family.  Papa would catch us tons of crabs and we would eat and eat!  I used to fuss at him for putting that stinky bait in the refrigerator.  We went camping sometimes in the fall in their camper.  He would man the fire and cook us big breakfasts in the morning.  He and Mama Re were always there at our ball games, recitals, and graduations.  He would always tell me that I was "something else".  That's how he felt about all of us…we were something else.  I will miss walking into their house and seeing him in his chair…eating Papa John's pizza and fruit salad.  As soon as he would see me his face would light up and he would say, "Hey pretty girl!"  We all feel a sadness because he is gone and we will miss him.  Family gatherings just won't be the same.  Who will take up the role of making slightly inappropriate or sometimes just outright inappropriate remarks?  Who will fuss at us when we watch make believe on TV?  Who will sell our cars for us and find us new ones?  Who will call us and when we answer ask us, "Who are you?"  Who will tell us when we walk through the room to "slow down or you'll get a speeding ticket!"  Yes, we will miss him.  But we cannot really be too sad, because we know that the scripture teaches us that to be absent from the body is to be present with God.  Today, Papa is in the presence of God.  He is not sick and tired and old.  He went from suffering to glory in one breath.  What a hope we have in Jesus Christ!  We celebrate Papa's life today and know that one day we will see him again.  Until then, we will follow his example on this earth by treasuring our friendships, loving our families deeply, and mixing it all with a whole lot of laughter.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Few Moments From the Day

This morning Caleb and I were reading about Gladys Aylward and we were talking about orphans.  I asked Caleb if he new what an orphan was.  He said, "Not really, but I know that they sometimes help Santa!'  What in the world??

This afternoon when I was cooking dinner, Levi came in and casually said, "Mom, Caleb needs you."  I asked what he wanted and he said, "He is hanging off of the fort."  I ran outside to see Caleb all but dangling by his fingernails from the roof of the swing set fort.  I ran and climbed up in the fort, hung out the side, and got him down.  I was just about to lecture him when I realized how scared he had been.  I think that it will be a few days before he tries that again:)

I am happy to report that Valentine is doing well.  She has been moved to the garage because no matter how many times I clean her just stinks!  The kids were not happy with me and kept telling me that I was a heartless killer because she was surely going to have a heat stroke out there in the garage.  I actually think she likes it because she is front row and center to all of the comings and goings.

She loves Levi and she loves her carrots and spinach!

I will post pictures later, but Aaron and Jackson have been playing football.  Right now they are just conditioning and haven't started "playing", but they are really enjoying it.  People are over-the-top-crazy about youth athletics these days.  Right now they are practicing everyday except Sundays.

Tonight when Aaron got home he told me that his practice was "the worst" because some kid kept talking to him and getting him into trouble (yeah, uh huh...right) and then he was being silly and broke another kids mouth guard off of his helmet.  I think that the apple has not fallen far from the tree and Aaron is a cut up and clown like his dear ol' dad.  I sure am glad that he is not in school or I am sure that we would be getting quite a few calls and notes from the teacher!  Christian's dad told me just the other day that they had to hold Christian back one year, not because he was behind...quite the contrary.  He just couldn't quit pulling the girls' hair!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


My sweet little girls!  They usually play so well together.  Rebekah is starting to say more words, so communication with her is improving.  It is so nice to have her say, "Cup!" instead of her pitching a hissy fit..arching her back, screeching, and causing hearing loss.

Rebekah and Sarah were in the tub playing and Rebekah hit Sarah in the head with a tea cup.  Sarah's eyes filled with tears and when I scolded Rebekah she said, "It's ok mommy, she can hit me if she wants to."

Sarah inherited the "pig pen" gene.  I usually see this trait mostly in Levi.  How unfortunate to be a little girl and have superhuman abilities to get dirty.  Every morning I dress the girls...cute outfit, hair brushed, face washed, and teeth brush.  By lunch, Sarah looks like she would fit in quite nicely with Annie and Miss Hannigan in the orphanage.

She has been swimming like a fish!  She literally dropped her swimmies on a Monday and by Thursday was swimming in the deep end and jumping off of the diving board like a pro.

Rebekah is my pickiest eater.  I am sure this is my fault.  Funny how lax I have become by the sixth child.  I obviously would like her to eat well, but some days I just can't commit the mental faculties to that battle.  I am happy to say that she LOVES broccoli.  Loves it!  I love to watch her chubby little hands dip it into ranch dressing.

She has been doing this lately....putting on her daddy's ankle socks.  Of course they are knee highs on her:)  It cracks me up how determined she is to pull them on just right.

My little brown eyed beauty.....

Well, it appears that I am on the slippery slope to 40.  I can honestly say that it doesn't bother me a bit.  I haven't really noticed too many negative changes.  I am sure that under those blonde highlights are a few more gray hairs and that the pain in my hip I feel after a long run is only going to get worse the longer I live, but life is a gift and I want to enjoy every bit of it:)