Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gracious...these girls!!

This picture of Sarah  It reminds me of this...

After she ate her doughnut, she let out a stuffed sounding "ohhhhhhhh, my belly is FILLED with doughnuts!"

While I was lecturing Levi about something that he could not do in public (don't ask...), Sarah piped up and said, "Yeah, Levi!  Don't do that in Publix!"  

Christian finally shaved his beard and Sarah told him, "Daddy!  Your chin got a buzz cut!"

The weather was perfect tonight and we stayed outside after dinner.  We got to see a hot air balloon come right over our house.

Rebekah loved watching it.

That girl is so spoiled by her brothers.

I am happy to report that Valentine is still with us.  She even enjoyed some time in the backyard.

I know a certain guinea pig and little boy that are BOTH in need of a manicure!

You have to keep a sharp eye on this one or else she will wreck the bathroom...

and do all kinds of nauseating things with the toilet and toilet seat!

Sooo gross,

but sooo sweet! (most of the time...)

The BEST Surprise

Aaron's 10th birthday was approaching and he had ONE gift that he iPhone.  Jackson got one a couple of months ago (a used one on Craigslist that he bought with his own money) and Aaron had been saving for one, too.  He was seriously lacking in funds...

Jackson decided that he was going to use his money to buy Aaron one.  I thought that it was soooo sweet that he would spend that much money on a birthday gift for his brother.  We found one on Craigslist and purchased it.  As a joke, Christian and I wrapped up a few pairs of underwear that he opened first.  We knew that he would think that his only hope of an iPhone would be from us.  Unfortunately, no iPhone and a pack of tighty whities!  Next, Jackson gave Aaron a card with a 'treasure hunt' in it.  His search ended at the microwave.  There was his gift wrapped in a big box with a couple of jars of peanut butter to throw him off.  He was soooo excited when he unwrapped that gift!

We gave him an iTunes gift card so that he could get some apps and some music.

I just love how close these 2 are.  They certainly can drive each other crazy sometimes, but for the most part they are just 2 peas in a pod...

Football Fun

Aaron's team won their first football game on Saturday.  He sacked the quarterback once and almost recovered a fumble, but someone sat on his hand.

The boys are still getting their game on in the backyard though.

I am hoping for NO injuries!!, Daddy as quarterback:)  Yes, friends, those are church socks with crocs.  Haters gonna hate!

Our little cheerleader!

Speaking of week ago Levi was horsing around in the living room and gashed his head on the coffee table.  He was lying there with blood running all over the place and I said, "OH, LEVI! YOU SPLIT YOUR HEAD OPEN!"  I ran to get a wet rag and when I got back he cried, "AM I GOING TO DIE????"  He thought I meant his brains were hanging out or something:)  I knew that he needed a stitch, but we got creative.  I talked to a friend whose pediatrician suggested she use super glue on her sons head when he had a nasty gash because 'that's what they used to use in the army'.  Well, if it is good enough for our brave men and women in uniform, it's good enough for me (and cheaper than an ER visit on Sunday night!)  It is healing quite nicely and I am quite proud of myself.