Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome Terrible Twos

In my last post I left out one of our birthdays...Rebekah Claire turned 2!

It was like some change happened overnight and she is now Miss Independent.  She also likes to tell me that her siblings are "boddering" (bothering) her.  She is into EVERYTHING!  Markers and crayons hold a special place in her heart.  I need to post a picture of what she did to my stairwell.  Picasso couldn't have done better.

On this particular day, it got really quiet upstairs...
and just so you know, green washable Crayola markers aren't that washable.  Christian picked her up when he got home and commented that she had a bruise on her cheek.  Nope, that would be the remnants of her afternoon body art.

We baked Christmas cookies yesterday and she was quite the helper.  She has a lisp like Sarah and she kept saying, "Oh, good gracious!"

Such concentration....

We plan to decorate the cookies today, but we will have to do without the peppermint sugar sprinkles...

I must add that she did this not once, but TWICE!

This morning I was in the shower when Caleb strolls in and announces, "There is a turd on the floor in the kitchen!"  What???  Rebekah had apparently taken off her diaper when no one was looking.  

I yelled, "I will give $1 to whoever cleans that turd up that is on the kitchen floor!"  Then I started laughing hysterically at what had just come out of my mouth!  There is just nothing else to say...

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

We are wrapping up birthday season around these parts.  I now have a 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 year old.  

All of Jack's presents were clothes or shoes.  No toys for this 12 year old.  He is growing up...

Sarah asked for Barbies...wha?  She never played with baby dolls, but all of the sudden is interested in Barbie dolls.  Anna Grace was going to buy her one, but she called and said she just couldn't do it.  They all looked like hookers she said:)  So, we settled on Belle with some modest dresses to go with her.

Caleb got a new bike.  He is a bike riding machine!  He also asked for some envelopes and stamps.  He loves to color pictures and mail them to Mimi and Nannie and he is always asking for a stamp.  I have told him several times that stamps are expensive and that he can't have a few EVERY day.  Now he has his very own stash...

This is the first family photo taken in a looooong time.  It is time to head up to Michelle's for a family photo shoot I do believe!

I snapped this after we decorated the Christmas tree...I cropped Christian out.  He was asleep on the couch!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Birthday Levi!

Levi turned 8 on October 19 and kicked off "birthday season".  Our family has ridiculous amounts of birthdays between October and December!

I told Levi that he had a dentist appointment that day at noon.  He was seriously bummed about it, but unbeknownst to him the dentist was a trick to get us all in the car and heading in the general vicinity of the park.  I had already invited a few friends to meet us there to surprise Levi with a party.

The plan was that Jackson was going to holler out that he had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad right before we reached the park.  Aaron would follow suit and I would fuss them out as I turned into the park parking lot for everyone to go to the bathroom.  Sweet little Levi just sat there worrying that he was going to be late for his appointment.  All of this seemed completely normal to him.

I pulled in the parking spot and yelled, "Everyone out!  Let's just all go to the potty!  Hurry!  We are going to be late!"

As we turned the corner to the eating area at the park, Levi started to notice that he recognized some of the people there.  It was so cute to see him processing it all, and then he said, "Hey, there's daddy!"


No dentist appointment...just food, friends, and fun!

There is always some football playing in the mix...

Nannie kept an eye out on the girls...

Poor Mac took a tumble...

Levi played with his friend that he affectionately calls "that kid Will"...

Davis drank 15 cokes...I don't think his mom and I are friends anymore:)

It was a fun day....Happy Birthday to Levi!