Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bekah Boo Boo

Rebekah has become quite the chatter box.

She is full of personality.

In the morning, I get her up and then she goes with me to wake up the boys.  I put her on each of their beds and she pulls the covers off of them.  Some days she is all sweet and rubs their backs or even kisses them.

Other days, she just smacks them on the back...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Levi's Feet

"Dad, if Levi had been one of the disciples...would Jesus have washed his feet?"

"Nah, he probably would have healed him!"

"He would have said, 'Who brought their horse in here?'"

This little conversation was going on at the dinner table the other night.  Levi could have cared less...just slowly chewing his food and looking at the window.  He is a pretty good sport about most of the teasing.  He will not tolerate anyone teasing him about his football skills, though:)

This morning I walked into the kitchen to find this note on the back door...

What?  A pig in the garage?  I have seen the size of some of the pigs that Christian kills and I thought there must be a big angry pig in our garage.

I am thinking through my morning wondering how I'm going to get to my car for my hair appointment when Christian shows up and says, "Did you see the baby pig?" pig:)

He caught it in a snare and thought the kids might want to play with it for a while before he let it go.

His is a feisty little thing!

Guess who was the most thrilled?

So the teasing from the brothers continued...

"That pig saw Levi's feet and thought, 'mama'?"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

My favorite picture from New Year's Day!

We had such a great day...all we did was eat and eat some more.  Christian fried fish and then made a gumbo for supper.  Good times with friends and family...

Just a Few Things

As we were sitting around the Christmas table sharing stories of things that the kids have done, I was reminded of a few incidents that I don't think I have blogged about but wanted to remember.

The other night, I was putting Sarah to bed.  We read a story and then we were saying prayers.  I was propped up on my elbows and she was lying beside me so that we were pretty much face to face.  I was just praying about all sorts of things and when I opened my eyes, Sarah was just sitting there looking at me holding her nose.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I smell hot dogs!"

I may have already blogged about this.  It happened several years ago when I was pregnant with...somebody.  The hormones were surging and I was actually praying that I would be nice to my kids each day.  I felt so guilty about my short fuse!  

Levi comes in from outside and says, "I just saw a Mom lizard!"  Puzzled, I asked him, "Levi, how did you know it was a mom lizard?"  He replied with big eyes and hand gestures, "Because it was REALLY angry!"

Rebekah called out to Jackson the other morning, "JACKSON!  Come here honey!"

I may have already blogged about this, too.  This spring, Anna Grace and I were sitting at the kitchen table chatting.  The windows were open and the kids were outside playing.  Levi appears with something all over his face.  I asked him to come closer to the window so I could see what the heck was all over him and I realized it was mud.  I very calmly said, "Levi, what is all over your face?"  He answered, "Mud." 
 "Why do you have mud all over your face?"  
"Because there are gnats out here."
"On Man vs. Wild he said that mud is like bug spray and these gnats are bothering me!"
Of course! 

We had a very sweet Christmas.  Christian and I never give each other gifts, we just have gifts for the kids.  I was quite surprised when Jackson brought in a big box and said that Santa had left a present in the hall closet.  It was a Keurig, something I have been wishing for for a while.  My sweet boys pooled their money (with daddy kicking in some, too) and bought it for me.  I pretty much cried, it was so sweet!  They are so thoughtful sometimes:)  I should have know that they were up to something.  They were all out on the deck one afternoon and I went out to shake out a rug.  Caleb said, "Mom, what do you want for Christmas?"  Jackson, Aaron, and Levi all said at once, "CALEB, SHUT UP!"  They were afraid he would spill the beans.

It was a fun morning, but pretty much all of their toys were torn up before the morning was over....I kid you not!  It's just the way we do things around here...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This was happening at my house a few weeks ago...

These girls are so funny!  

They were jamming' out!

Between shredding up wrapping paper all over my room and playing in the washing powder (it looked like it snowed in my laundry room), they took some time out for a little guitar picking and bed jumping:)