Thursday, January 24, 2013

Levi's Feet

"Dad, if Levi had been one of the disciples...would Jesus have washed his feet?"

"Nah, he probably would have healed him!"

"He would have said, 'Who brought their horse in here?'"

This little conversation was going on at the dinner table the other night.  Levi could have cared less...just slowly chewing his food and looking at the window.  He is a pretty good sport about most of the teasing.  He will not tolerate anyone teasing him about his football skills, though:)

This morning I walked into the kitchen to find this note on the back door...

What?  A pig in the garage?  I have seen the size of some of the pigs that Christian kills and I thought there must be a big angry pig in our garage.

I am thinking through my morning wondering how I'm going to get to my car for my hair appointment when Christian shows up and says, "Did you see the baby pig?" pig:)

He caught it in a snare and thought the kids might want to play with it for a while before he let it go.

His is a feisty little thing!

Guess who was the most thrilled?

So the teasing from the brothers continued...

"That pig saw Levi's feet and thought, 'mama'?"

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