Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Meet the newest member of the Wahl family.  It's Sam, the Jagd Terrier.

Guess who loves her the most...:)

She has already chewed a hole in my leather sofa and gone potty in my house more times than I want to count.

But...she is super cute and the kids all are smitten, even Sarah who a week ago wouldn't even THINK about getting near a dog!


My toothless wonder...
if he loses any more teeth he will NOT be able to chew his food!  Christian told him the other day to "hurry up and gum up your sandwich!"

The other bottom tooth is loose now!

Jackson's spear that he created one day...looks perfectly safe, right?

Caleb is a reading fool these days!  It is so rewarding to teach my kids to read:)

Fish fry anyone?  My boys love to fish...and I love to eat them!

My girls...Sarah was not in the mood for a photo shoot:)

All of my kiddos on Mother's Day!

Rebekah Selfies

I was tidying up the pictures on my phone because I want to keep sweet ones like this....

A friend handed down the cutest little doll house to my girls and when Rebekah came down from her nap she went and plopped down in front of it for HOURS!

In the process of organizing and deleting pictures, I came across an unbelievable number of these...

Seriously, I had 1,079 pictures on my phone and 1, 025 of them were Rebekah taking pictures of herself:)

Well, at least she wasn't posting unflattering pictures of me on Instagram again...